Scripture Union Independent Schools (SUIS) is a specialised ministry within Scripture Union South Africa (SU).

Scripture Union Independent Schools (SUIS) is a specialised ministry within Scripture Union South Africa (SU), which is an international interdenominational organisation with the mission of ‘Leading young people to know and walk with God.’

With the view that many future leaders of a country would come from the Private School education in a country, SUIS was founded in 1972 with the vision of coming alongside Chaplains and Heads of the ‘Traditional Independent Schools’ to assist them with making the Christian faith relevant and meaningful to their learners.

Em’seni Campsite is the home base of SUIS, which is situated in the foothills of the Drakensberg below Spioenkop, along the banks of the Tugela River.


The Team


Ali Coleman

SUIS KZN Regional Director

Originally from Johannesburg, I grew up in the Natal Midlands and went to St Anne’s Diocesan College for high school, where I became a Christian and got involved in and led my school’s Student Christian Association (SCA). I also attended many SUIS camps, where I made some of my most lasting and meaningful friendships and grew deeply in my relationship with Christ.

After school, I studied an honours degree in Zoology at the University of Pretoria and was involved in leadership and development in both my residence and my church. After university I went back to my roots and took up a teaching internship and boarder mistress position at St Anne’s College while studying a PGCE through Unisa. I spent a large portion of my time supporting Dr Rev Susan van Niekerk, the chaplain at St Anne’s, with the spiritual aspect of the school. It was also during this time that I had opportunities to help Greg Wynn with many SUIS camps and events. After leaving St Anne’s in June, I spent some time travelling overseas, before I felt led to come home.
My motivation for wanting to be a part of SUIS (particularly at this crucial time) stems largely from what God has done through SUIS in my own life. I want to be involved in God changing the lives of others in the way that He has changed mine. I feel called to bring hope and to show God’s love to an “unloved generation”. I see great potential for growth in SUIS in camping and Unity as well as in other areas that we haven’t explored yet. I see SUIS’s greatest strength as the ability to show young people what it means to be loved, valued and included, as well as to disciple and equip young leaders to disciple and equip others.
It is an honour to be a part of what God is doing through SUIS and I really value all of your support!


Sarah-Lynn Williams

SUIS Administrative Manager

It is such a privilege for me to be working for SUIS! The Northern Drakensberg is a very special place to me, due to my early childhood years being spent on a farm just outside of Bergville.
Following the passing away of my father, my mother and younger sister and I moved to Pietermaritzburg. I attended Maritzburg Christian School and spent my high school years at Epworth High School for Girls. It was in high school that I became deeply connected to SUIS and stepped into leadership as the Deputy Head of the school SCA.
After school I attended a Christian gap-year programme based at Port Alfred called Beyond Adventure. This intense programme entailed extreme outdoor activities as well as leadership training. It was during this year that I found myself surrounded by a large number of non-Christians and therefore my faith was truly tested for the first time. My relationship with Jesus grew stronger during this year and I consider this as a season of deep, spiritual refinement.
I then studied a BSc degree in Geography and Ecology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). After graduating, over the course of 3 years I worked in two different capacities- firstly as a project coordinator at a private water specialist consultancy and later as a research assistant/administrator at UKZN. During these years I also worked as a boarder mistress at St Anne’s Diocesan College while I studied my honours degree through UNISA. At St Anne’s I became close friends with Alison Coleman and assisted Dr Rev Susan van Niekerk with confirmation and SCA camps held at Em’seni.
Over the past year I have started to sense God was shifting the original vision I carried for my life. I believe God has been moulding me and will continue to mould me for the dual role that He has placed me in with SUIS – both in ministry and administration. I carry a strong conviction that young people need to understand the Father Heart of God. I also believe in the importance of helping young people to walk with the Holy Spirit and to learn to listen to His voice in a meaningful and life-changing way.
I believe that God will guide us into fulfilling His plan and purpose for SUIS going forward into 2017!