Lester Sigauke from Grahamstown

In Grahamstown our last couple of weeks have been rather quiet in terms of contact with the students. Since the commencement of the UNIVERSITY year last week we have mainly just been touching base with our volunteers and renewing our relationships with the Heads of Spirituality in our partner schools. We have been successful in securing UNITY dates for the year and outlining the majority of our ministry goals for the year. Our first UNITY events for the year will be hosted by Victoria Girls High School on the 11th and 14th of March. It is our hope that the incoming leaders will grasp the significance Spiritual Authority over positional Authority.

Due to busy schedules we were only able to secure a meeting with Rob and Gary of Diocesan School for Girls and St. Andrews College for Thursday the 3rd of March. It is our hope that we will continue the discussions around the proposed Mission for this year.