News from afar (or not if you live in Cape Town!)

My first goal was to establish a committed group of volunteers that would be able to assist me in ministering to the schools in Cape Town. We had our first meeting on the 27th of February at Bishops High School and now have a core group of 12 volunteers that will hopefully grow. We now have a fixed group of people praying for the schools, SUIS, and volunteering at schools.

We have also been working hard in preparation for the Herschel Mission week. This has involved several meetings with SUIS volunteers, other ministries, and going to weekly prayer meetings. We have a group of volunteers involved and are busy assigning sessions to them.

We now have volunteers working at Herschel, Bishops and Sans Souci, attending their SCA meetings and chapel services. Efforts are being made to reach into other schools.

I also sit on the Schools United committee, which includes a representative for the teachers, local church student pastors, SU, and students. It serves as a great platform to hear how we can improve and where we can help.

SUIS has a unique ability to draw on a lot of volunteers thanks to the camps in KwaZulu-Natal. This means we are able to assist other ministries by providing them with volunteers.