Summit Team

Come and join the adventure…

The Summit Team is our residential year of your life programme run from our home base Em’seni, which is situated at the foothills of the Northern Drakensberg, along the banks of the Tugela River.

The Summit Team are the “hands and feet” of our ministry into the Independent schools across South Africa. Members of the team will become a part of the following programmes:

  1. Outreach-
    Doing outreach into the Independent schools of South Africa (which includes ministering to pupils in school SCAs/SCGs/bible studies and building relationships with school chaplains).
  2. Home-based Em’seni camps-
    Facilitating and leading on school camps based at Emseni (which includes leading group discussions/giving talks/leading worship/facilitating outdoor activities and mentoring young adults).
  3. Personal growth and discovery-
    Growing in your knowledge and relationship with God; discovering your personal gifts, talents and dreams; studying accredited theological courses.
  4. Growing in Christian Community-
    Discipleship, fellowship and mentorship opportunities will be provided throughout the year.

For further information, please be in touch with Sarah-Lynn:
Work phone: 082 350 1491 (contact during office hours)

The Summit Team Brochure PDF

The Summit Team Application Form

Jessica Still, Summit Team 2014


Kendrick Walsh, Summit Team 2011